Electric Volkswagens continue the charge on road to zero after changes to plug-in car grant

After the Government announced changes today to the plug-in car grant, Volkswagen is able to offer customers three innovative electric vehicles that are eligible for this incentive. In its announcement the Government highlighted the ID.3 Life Pro for having an impressive range of 263 miles, more than three times the typical range available when the grant launched in 2011.

With the news from the Government of changes to the plug-in car grant there are now three models in the Volkswagen range that enable customers to benefit from this support. These are the e-up!, ID.3 Life Pro and ID.3 Life Pro Performance.

As the most compact electric model offered by Volkswagen the e-up! was enhanced early last year and was the first model in the range to display the new Volkswagen roundel. Since first going on sale in 2014 the car has almost doubled its range. A 32.3 kWh battery (net capacity) provides a WLTP range of 159 miles.

The e-up! represents Volkswagen’s most affordable avenue into EV motoring, costing £21,055 RRP with the updated plug-in car grant applied. The e-up! also offers an impressive amount of standard kit including heated seats, cruise control, Lane Assist, curtain airbags and smartphone integration.

The ID.3 Life Pro Performance went on sale late last year and has since gone on to be crowned ‘Small Electric Car of the Year’ by What Car? at its Car of the Year Awards 2021. It features a 204 PS motor and 58 kWh battery (net capacity), which provides a WLTP range of 263 miles.

Last month, the ID.3 Life Pro was introduced and offers a new motor option and lower price for entry into the ID.3 range. It retains the 58 kWh battery, and combines it with a 145 PS motor, while delivering the same 263-mile range as the Pro Performance.

Like the rest of the ID.3 range both models feature a long list of standard equipment not limited to: LED headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Car2X, Natural Voice Control, parking sensors front and rear, 10-inch infotainment, keyless start and the innovative ID.Light.

Confirming its class-leading attributes, the ID.3 has been showered with praise from UK-based experts since its launch last year, with the model’s familiarity, ease of use and breadth of appeal consistently applauded.

Further additions to the ID. family, including even more affordable models, will arrive during 2021. For the ID.3 these include the Pure model with the smallest 45 kWh battery. Full details and timings of these new variants will be released in due course.

The ID.3 is the first of a new era of Volkswagen electric vehicles to be developed from the ground-up. It introduced the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) that will be used in 19 million vehicles by 2030. The ID.3 is manufactured carbon-neutrally in Zwickau, Germany, where the plant is powered by renewable energy. The car is also delivered to customers as a net carbon-neutral product according to the independent auditing body TÜV NORD.

Andrew Savvas, Director at Volkswagen UK, said: “Following the Government’s announcement this morning, we would like to highlight that we have several models that qualify for support with the plug-in car grant. These include the e-up! and ID.3 Life – with more new models set to qualify when they arrive later this year.

“Volkswagen is the people’s car, and so we seek to make electric vehicles accessible to as many people as possible. On Monday we held our Power Day, announcing plans to massively increase the fast-charge network, improve recyclability and secure greater and more efficient (therefore more affordable) battery production. It’s all part of our drive to be the leading provider of sustainable mobility.”

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