Celebrating the Future of Mobility: EV Powered Awards

The EV Powered Awards are set to celebrate the best and brightest in the world of electric vehicles. From cutting-edge innovations to groundbreaking designs, we’re honouring those who are driving the future of transportation forward.

The EV Powered Awards:

Featured Categories:

Best City Car: Discover the urban marvels redefining city driving with efficiency and style.
Best Small Car: Small in size, big in impact – meet the compact wonders leading the charge.
Best Electric Family Car: Explore the spacious and sustainable vehicles perfect for every family adventure.
Best Premium Electric Car of the Year: Experience luxury and performance reimagined in the world of electric driving.
Best Electric SUV Car of the Year: Uncover the rugged and eco-friendly SUVs dominating the electric vehicle landscape.
The Bundle of Fun Award: Celebrating the electric vehicles that bring joy and excitement to every journey.
EV Challenger Brand of the Year: Recognising the trailblazing brands disrupting the automotive industry with innovation.
Best Car Repowering Company of the Year: Honouring the companies revolutionising car repowering with sustainable solutions.
Best Commercial Electric Vehicle: From delivery vans to buses, salute the commercial vehicles shaping the future of transportation.
Best Last-Mile Delivery Solution Company: Highlighting the innovators enhancing efficiency and sustainability in last-mile delivery.
Best Commercial Vehicle Repowering Company of the Year: Applauding excellence in repowering commercial fleets for a greener tomorrow.
Best Charging Network: Powering the EV revolution one charge at a time – meet the networks making electric vehicle charging accessible and efficient.
The EV Innovation Award: Recognising groundbreaking technologies and advancements propelling the electric vehicle industry forward.
The EV Powered Spark Award for Outstanding Achievement: Honouring individuals or organisations making significant contributions to the EV community.

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