LEVC launches black taxi campaign to support safe city journeys

As London and other UK cities begin to emerge from lockdown, travelling safely is of paramount importance and LEVC, manufacturer of the iconic black cab, is launching a new campaign to raise awareness of how licensed black taxis can help keep the public protected.

The new ‘Black Cab: Private Public Transport’ initiative highlights how passengers can always stay socially distanced, in a personal and contactless space by choosing to travel in a licensed black taxi.

These taxis are equipped with a purpose-built partition that separates the driver and passenger compartment, contactless payment in the rear, easy to clean surfaces and an intercom system that allows driver and passenger to always communicate clearly, without the need to do so ‘face-to-face’.

A 5-point pledge covering social distance guidance and regular cleaning regimes has also been developed to provide all passengers with reassurance of the professionalism and high standards of licensed black cab drivers.

LEVC is also supporting cabbies to get back behind the wheel with 2,000 ‘Back to Work’ kits available for collection free of charge from LEVC’s authorised dealer network. These provide protective PPE and cleaning equipment, designed to keep occupants safe and vehicles clean. Each kit includes 250ml sanitising gel, 750ml antiviral disinfectant spray, 40 disposable face masks, microfibre reusable cloths, anti-bacterial taxi-receipts and a 5-point pledge window sign.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO, LEVC:“As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, our iconic black cab will play a vital role in keeping cities moving safely during these unprecedented times. Thanks to the TX’s purpose-built protective environment, passengers can enjoy comfortable, socially distanced journeys as well as a world-class professional service from their driver.”

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