Major organisations join action group to accelerate shift to electrified fleets

Organisations such as Tesco, Natwest and Defra have come together to form an action group to accelerate the rollout of electrified fleets.

EVzero is billed as “an industry-leading action group dedicated to accelerating the deployment of electrified fleets” and has already secured the support of some of the biggest companies and organisations in the UK.

The group consists of Tesco, NatWest Group, LeasePlan UK, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and The Environment Agency, and more.

The initiative says it enables ambitious leaders to help each other take the next steps forward for their fleet transition, by tackling a critical pinch point in charging infrastructure that is hindering successful EV deployments.

Participants will focus on working together to overcome this costly and risky challenge and develop innovative solutions based around collaborative demand in asset availability, utilisation, finance, and efficiency.

Through the EVzero programme, organisations will develop a suitable charging infrastructure network to help turn EV strategy into actions, whilst also reducing risks and costs of deployment by co-developing innovative solutions built through collaborative demand.

In addition, the initiative will gain access to knowledge, technical support, and data from peers and market experts to ensure success. It will also look to vercome critical challenges that are difficult to resolve alone and deliver real progress that supports ESG performance.

Matt Pumfrey, CEO, EVzero by Innovation Gateway, said: “Innovation Gateway has a heritage in collaboration and innovation identification, and we are bringing our framework to support the deployment of tangible EV projects. By doing this together, we will reduce risks and costs and develop solutions based around the collective demand of the world’s most ambitious organisations.”

Tim Golding, UK property director for Tesco, also commented:v“We’re delighted to be collaborating with our Innovation Gateway EVzero Action Group partners – an initiative that will help its diverse membership identify and overcome the collective challenges they and we face.”

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