Electric vehicles remain most popular choice for salary sacrifice scheme

Data from Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme has revealed that EVs are once again the most popular choice for a company car.

Company car provider Tusker published its list of the ten most popular cars chosen as part of a salary sacrifice scheme, revealing a consistent shift in demand for electric vehicles. The data found that all of the top ten cars were either battery-electric or hybrid vehicles.

The top ten cars were:

Audi Q4 e-tron


Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric

Kia Niro

Mercedes-Benz A Class (PHEV)

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Nissan Leaf

Peugeot e2008

Tesla Model 3

Volkswagen ID3

Recent Tusker research showed that the vast majority of their drivers would not have opted for an electric vehicle had it not been for the salary sacrifice scheme.

As more Electric Vehicles come available Tusker’s order book has shifted away from traditional petrol and diesel vehicles to EV and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles in just two years. In 2019, nine out of ten of the most popular vehicles were petrol or diesel powered, with only one EV making the list, however by 2021 the reverse is now true.

Paul Gilshan, CEO of Tusker, said: “The shift in ordering behaviour away from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, towards EVs has been rapid, and conclusive. We are proud to offer a product that makes Electric driving affordable for the mass market.

“We have seen the rise in uptake of salary sacrifice schemes, alongside the continuation of low BIK rates that encourage drivers away from traditional fuel types and into affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles.”

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