Businesses and households warned clock is ticking on these EV charger grants

There is now less than a year left for businesses, landlords and private households to claim a number of grants for EV chargers.

Several incentives offering up to £2,500 towards installation costs are due to expire at the end of March 2025, meaning those eligible now have fewer than 12 months to apply.

In recent years the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) has launched a series of grant programmes to encourage EV adoption. While the purchase grant on new private vehicles is no longer in place, others aimed at businesses, landlords, flat owners, renters and households who park on the street have been introduced.

However, several of these are due to expire on 31 March, 2025, including:

The Workplace Charging Scheme

This offers businesses, charities and public sector employers up to £350 per charging socket, for up to 40 sockets in total across each applicant’s site or sites. Click for details

State-funded education institutions

75% off the cost to buy and install chargepoints up to a maximum of £2,500 per socket and 40 sockets across all sites. Click for details

Infrastructure grant for staff and fleets

for wider building work to install multiple chargepoint sockets now and in the future; up to £350 per chargepoint socket installed and up to £500 per parking space enabled, to a maximum of £15,000. Click for details

Chargepoint and infrastructure grants for landlords

up to £350 per socket for up to 200 each year for residential properties and 100 commercial properties. Infrastructure grants for the wider work needed to install multiple chargepoints are £500 per parking space, for chargepoints installed now or envisaged in the future. Click for details

For renters or flat owners

up to £350 to install a chargepoint at a dedicated off-street parking space. Click for details

Households with on-street parking

Up to £350 for EV drivers who are installing a cross-pavement solution to enable them to use a home chargepoint for an EV parked in the street outside their home. Click for details

Daniel Forsberg, marketing manager EVSE at chargepoint manufacturer CTEK, said: “There is just one year left to access these OZEV grants, which are crucial in making EV charging infrastructure more accessible and its installation more affordable.

“Applying for these grants involves partnering with OZEV-approved installers, and in some cases directly with OZEV, to ensure adherence to program standards and streamlining applications for individuals and businesses alike.

“Our UK team of experts are on hand to help installers and their customers with technical and operational advice and information. Whether you are a business aiming to green your operations or a homeowner or landlord eager to contribute to environmental sustainability, OZEV grants and CTEK’s technology offer a solid foundation towards achieving your environmental goals.”

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