Everrati reveals £400,000 Mercedes SL Pagoda

EV conversion specialist Everrati has announced that the iconic Mercedes-Benz SL ‘Pagoda’ is the latest classic car to receive its 21st century overhaul.

The W113 Pagoda is one of the most famous and desirable classic Mercedes, owned by celebrities ranging from John Lennon and Audrey Hepburn to David Coulthard and Harry Styles.

Now, for a mere £330,000, plus local taxes, plus the cost of a donor car, Everrati will supply buyers with a fully electrified version with up to 200 miles of range, plus a new bespoke interior featuring classically styled dials and Bridge of Weir leather.

The hand-built cars are restored by Mercedes specialists, with Everrati offering two versions of its own powertrain to replace the straight-six petrol engine.

Standard versions combine a 54kWh battery with a 300bhp motor, giving 160 miles of range and a 0-60mph time of less than eight seconds. For a little more pace and range, customers can opt for a 68kWh battery. That takes range to 200 miles and allows the same 300bhp motor to deliver a 0-60mph sprint of less than seven seconds.

Everrati Pagoda interior

Both versions come with a limited slip differential and regenerative braking allowing one-pedal driving. Inside, custom dials deliver relevant powertrain information, including battery status and range, with a traditional look. There’s also a Bluetooth-equipped stereo and heated seats.

Standard upholstery is, apparently, in line with period leather but owners can also specify a super soft leather from Bridge of Weir for the seats, door cards and dashboard top.

Justin Lunny, Everrati’s co-founder and CEO said: “Our redefined electric Mercedes-Benz SL ‘Pagoda’ is the new benchmark for understated, sustainable luxury. This meticulously restored and redefined car is the ultimate two-seater electric luxury grand tourer, a unique proposition which pays homage to the history of the legendary SL ‘Pagoda’, yet is fully futureproofed, enabling it to be enjoyed today – and in the hands of the next generation tomorrow.”

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Matt Allan

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