Chargeplace Scotland expands payment options with Allstar

Scotland’s largest public charging network, Chargeplace Scotland, has expanded its payment options for business drivers.

Motorists can now use an Allstar account to pay for charging at any of the 2,800 Chargeplace Scotland (CPS) devices around the country.

CPS is responsible for more than half of all public chargers in Scotland and previously drivers have had to have a specific CPS payment account to use them, causing issues for drivers unfamiliar with the arrangement.

The new deal makes Allstar the first business payment provider to integrate with the Scottish network and will make it simpler for business users to pay for charging across the country. Private drivers will still have to have the CPS app or RFID card to use most chargers, although some now accept contactless payment by credit or debit cards.

CPS was set up by the Scottish Government to encourage EV uptake and is now responsible for more than 6,000 connectors at 1,400 locations from Shetland to the Scottish Borders. Overall, Scotland has the second highest provision of chargers per head of population, and CPS is among the UK’s largest network operators.

Ashley Tate, managing director of Allstar Chargepass UK, said: “At Allstar we’re committed to providing unparalleled convenience, ensuring that businesses around the UK, no matter where they are based or do business, can travel to where they need to be. That’s why we support the Scottish Government’s mission to provide the best EV charging experience possible for the region.”

He added: “We’re delighted to have partnered with ChargePlace Scotland who are the provider to over half of the public charge points in Scotland to provide our unmatched award-winning payment solution. Together we will enhance simplicity for business customers, as through Allstar they can now pay at 75% of the Scottish network, enabling drivers to travel from one end of Scotland to the other seamlessly with a single payment solution.

“It’s great to have ChargePlace Scotland join our vast network of charge point operators and follows in quick succession since we launched with Tesla Supercharger in March this year. We’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year will bring for our network growth as we aim to be the UK’s largest.”

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Matt Allan

Matt is Editor of EV Powered. He has worked in journalism for more than 20 years and been an automotive journalist for the last decade, covering every aspect of the industry, from new model reveals and reviews to consumer and driving advice. The former motoring editor of, The Scotsman and National World, Matt has watched the EV landscape transform beyond recognition over the last 10 years and developed a passion for electric vehicles and what they mean for the future of transport - from the smallest city cars to the biggest battery-powered trucks. When he’s not driving or writing about electric cars, he’s figuring out how to convert his classic VW camper to electric power.