Half of British drivers want to buy an electrified car as next purchase

Almost half of Britain’s used car buyers would buy an electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid car if they could.

That’s according to a new study, which suggests that the desire to buy a petrol or diesel car is diminishing.

Indeed, while 49 percent of buyers fancy going green, just 32 percent would like a petrol car. There’s worse news for the diesel car, with just 19 percent of those surveyed claiming they want an oil-burner.

Price remains the biggest barrier to entry, with buyers claiming the high cost of electric cars stops them from taking the plunge. Running costs and style are the other considerations.

CarFinance 247 CEO Louis Rix said: “Drivers definitely want to be more green because they care about the planet. Electric and hybrid cars will undoubtedly be a huge area of growth in future.

“But price is still the main consideration for most customers, so eco-friendly cars need to become cheaper and more plentiful before they really take off in the second-hand market.”

Being more specific, what’s the UK’s most desirable used car, according to the survey? It’s a metallic black Audi plug-in hybrid, which suggests there could be strong demand for the Q5 TFSI e. The Q5 plug-in hybrid offers up to 26 miles of all-electric range.

The family SUV will soon be joined by plug-in hybrid versions of the A6, A7 and A8.

As for equipment, the most desired feature is satellite navigation, followed by self-parking, a rear-view camera, in-car wi-fi and heated seats.

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