Osprey Charging hits major network milestone with over 1,000 public rapid EV chargers now live across the UK 

Osprey Charging, one the UK’s leading and fastest growing EV rapid-charging network, has announced a key milestone with over 1,000 live public EV chargers available for use by the UK’s EV drivers.

This expansion milestone builds on the tremendous success of 2023, which saw Osprey grow in scale by 150% in the space of just 12 months. With more than 1,000 charge points now active, Osprey is the third largest public rapid charging network according to Zap Map statistics.

In the past 12 months, Osprey has launched flagship hubs in key locations such as Devon, Cumbria, Essex, Dunbartonshire, Carmarthenshire and Nottinghamshire. These hubs are not only strategically positioned but also offer accessible, high-powered and reliable public EV charging. As a testament to Osprey’s dedication to meeting increasing EV charging demands, the accelerated growth witnessed in 2023 has seamlessly extended into the opening months of 2024, with Osprey launching more chargers than any other network in 2024.

Ian Johnston, Osprey Charging CEO, commented: “With over 1,000 public rapid EV chargers now available on the Osprey network, we are providing the essential infrastructure that drivers and industry are calling for to support the electric vehicle revolution. The rate of growth is matched by the highest standards of service offered to our drivers, through a reliable and easy to use nationwide network.

“Recent findings from the House of Lords have highlighted the need to speed up the roll-out of charging infrastructure by tackling delays for funding and planning regulations, as well as the equalisation of VAT rates between domestic and public charging. Both recommendations are welcomed by Osprey as they will ultimately help deliver an improved customer experience for EV drivers.”

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