The areas in the UK most and least ready for an electric future

London has been listed as the area of the country most ready for electric vehicles as part of a new study by esure.

The research revealed which areas in the UK are the best, and worst, prepared for an EV future based on the number of hybrid/electric vehicles and available charging points per area.

According to the research, London is the city most prepared for an electric future with 4.1 number of cars per charger. However, the North of England and Scotland, is the area most prepared for EVs, with seven of the top ten areas located in this region.

Second in the table was Sunderland with 4.7 cars per charger, with Kirkwall in third with 7.2 and Newcastle-upon-Tyne just behind on 8.4.

The rest of the table consisted of Durham, Dumfries, Teesside, Brighton, Manchester and Nottingham.

Conversely, Stockport was listed as the worst prepared area in the UK, with 448 cars per EV charger. Swindon has 291 cars per charger, with Slough, Harrogate and Peterborough rounding off the list of the worst places to own an EV.

Commenting on the research, Neil Dwyer at esure, said: “As EV sales continue to rise and the UK becomes more eco-conscious, we wanted to see which areas are already getting ready for an EV future.

“As indicated within our research, it’s crucial that some of these locations invest in their EV infrastructure in order to ensure a smooth transition for those on the road before the end of the decade. However, regardless of where you live, if you’re driving an EV or planning on doing so anytime soon, it’s important to make sure you’re properly covered and have the appropriate insurance in place should any problems arise.”

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