Peugeot begins production of new e-Expert Hydrogen van

Peugeot has become one of the first manufacturers to produce an electric model in the light commercial vehicle segment that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

The new Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen has become the latest model to fulfil Peugeot’s “power of choice” promise, which gives customers the option to choose a powertrain best suited to their needs without compromising on capability.

As Peugeot’s first fuel cell vehicle, the e-Expert Hydrogen outlines the brand’s ambitions to offer an electrified vehicle across its entire range by 2025.

Based on the EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform), the new Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen is a fully electric vehicle, combining two on-board sources – a hydrogen fuel cell and a permanent magnet electric motor with a maximum power of 100 kW.

Powered by the innovative “mid-power plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric” system, the Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen can fill up with hydrogen in three minutes and is fitted with a 10.5 kWh battery that helps power the electric motor. The e-Expert Hydrogen has a zero-emissions range of more than 245-miles.

The on-board three-phase 11 kW charger ensures the electric LCV can be fully charged in less than one hour from an 11kW Wall Box (32A), in three hours from a reinforced socket (16A), or in six hours from a standard socket (8A).

At start-up and a low speed, the high-voltage battery alone provides the electric engine with the power it needs for traction. At a steady speed, the fuel cell supplies the energy directly to the electric engine. During acceleration, overtaking or hill climbing, the fuel cell and the high-voltage battery are combined to supply energy to the electric engine, and during braking and deceleration, the electric engine recharges the high-voltage battery.

Julie David, managing director of Peugeot UK, said: “Hydrogen vehicles offer another zero-emissions solution for the industry. The e-Expert Hydrogen is Peugeot’s first fuel cell vehicle and confirms our commitment to offering our buyers the right powertrain to suit their needs.”

The Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen will be available to customers in France and Germany from the end of 2021.

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