New data suggests majority of fleet vehicles can be replaced by EVs

Almost all of the fleet vehicles in the UK could be replaced by electric alternatives, according to new research from Vimcar.

Digital fleet management firm Vimcar has published new data which suggests that up to 90% of fleet vehicles could be replaced by electric vehicles, as a result of the increasing average range of EV models.

The company analysed data from 67,000 company fleet vehicles, comparing the average distance fleet vehicles are travelling to the mileage range on EVs.

It found that for 87% of companies, the mileage range of EVs is the main concern when considering whether they should make the switch to electric.

Despite this, 90% of the vehicles drive less than 186 miles a day, meaning they could be replaced by an electric vehicle, according to Vimcar.

Sami Eric, UK country manager at Vimcar, said: “Unfortunately, there is often negativity associated with EV usage and the efficiency they have for longer journeys.

“However, this data proves these fears wrong and that, in fact, most businesses could make the switch and continue to use their fleets in the same way as they are now.

“Charging an EV is usually cheaper than filling up at the pump, with recent reports claiming they are also £131 a month cheaper to run.

“As EVs have fewer moving parts, they break down less and are cheaper to maintain – and therefore come with lower insurance costs and a longer life span.

“On top of this, EVs have a 0% road tax and benefit in kind rate, therefore using EVs in a company fleet will incur fewer costs for both employers and employees and if businesses can make these changes with minimal disruption to current performance, there’s even less reason not to consider replacing their petrol and diesel vehicles with electric or hybrid vehicles instead.”

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