Project EV and Electric Miles team up to hit 100,000 public chargers

Electric Miles has formed a three-year partnership with Project EV with plans to install 100,000 electric vehicle chargepoints.

The partnership will see Project EV install the chargers and controlled by Electric Miles’ Smart Charging platform, which allows drivers to manage the charging of their vehicle through the Electric Miles app.

The move comes as all residential chargepoints in the UK will have to be smart enabled from June 2022,

Arun Anand, CEO and founder of Electric Miles, said: “Most domestic car charging is still done after returning from work between 5pm and 7pm, the same time as demand for electricity goes up as everyone starts cooking their dinner.

“Project EV has already deployed 20,000 chargers in the residential market. Hence, we’re very excited to deliver our services to Project EV.

“From the start, we were impressed with their shared desire to put the interests of drivers first. Our Smart Charging platform puts motorists in total control of how and when they charge while also helping the Grid to deliver power efficiently.”

Simon Peat, CEO of Project EV, added: “We believe this deal will revolutionise the way vehicles are charged from dumb to smart. Using one of our advanced chargers integrated with Software from Electric Miles will allow drivers to charge their vehicle with the right amount of power at the cheapest cost. This is future-proofed cheaper driving.”

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