Lyreco electrifies its London fleet with Renault Master E-Tech vans

The Renault Master E-Tech has been chosen by Lyreco to spearhead the transition of its UK business to an all-electric delivery fleet.

The company has introduced 17 all-electric Renault Master E-Tech panel vans to its London operation, which will work out of its Greenford, Tottenham and Dartford distribution depots. They are the first electrified light commercial vehicles that the multinational company has used in the UK.

The arrival of the zero tailpipe-emissions-in-use panel vans is the culmination of a two-year search by Lyreco to find a solution that matched its proposition for an electrified London delivery fleet.

Lyreco’s new vans will have a WLTP combined range of up to 75 miles on a single charge, and whilst they may not need to cover too many miles across London, they will carry a significant amount of customer orders. With that in mind, the Renault Master E-Tech has a payload of 1,381kg which can accommodate Lyreco’s average order which weighs 40kg.

The company will also charge its new vans via 7kW charge points that it has recently installed across its London distribution depots. To ensure its operatives also get the most enjoyment and convenience from its new Master E-Tech fleet, Lyreco has also invested in electric vehicle driver training.

Richard Taylor, head of operations for supply chain at Lyreco UK & Ireland, said: “The purchase of Master E-Tech vans sends a clear message to our customers, our colleagues and the wider public, of our green credentials and commitment to sustainability. It means that where range and payload permits, our deliveries in London will be made by 100% electric vehicles that will not contribute to air and noise pollution.

“Electric vans are currently the leading sustainable solution for our future operations and while the technology has been available for a couple of years, introducing any into our fleet before now would have been detrimental to our customer experience – the range and payload were simply not there. Making the transition to EVs had to work in every aspect and the Master E-Tech now ticks all the boxes. While we considered several different vans, it was also reassuring that we would be exploring such an important move into electrification with a brand that was a known quantity to us.”

Lyreco claims its decision to invest in the Master E-Tech was also influenced by its experience of Renault LCVs and the longstanding relationship it has with the French manufacturer. Of its 250-strong nationwide delivery fleet, 75% of those rated at 3.5t are produced by Renault, with Lyreco having chosen the brand’s vehicles for over 10 years.

Vincent Tourette, managing director of Renault UK, added: “We are delighted that Lyreco has reaffirmed its confidence in Renault and the Master. It’s very exciting to play an important role in helping such a renowned business start its journey to a fully electrified fleet and especially pleasing that the Master E-Tech has met the company’s strict criteria for its busy London multi-drop operation. With the effectiveness of Lyreco’s vehicles being pivotal to its success, it’s a fine illustration of how the Master E-Tech is an excellent and highly usable LCV, regardless of the fact that it is also 100% electric.”

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