DriveTech launches electric vehicle training courses for businesses

DriveTech, a leading driver training organisation and part of the AA, has launched a suite of training products dedicated to electric mobility.

Suitable for anyone who drives an electric vehicle (EV) for business, its online, classroom-based and on-the-road workshops are helping fleets embrace electrification.

DriveTech is preparing for the Government ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles for 2030 with more than 20 different EV driver training interventions, all aimed at company car and van drivers that will soon be behind the wheel of an EV.

The training comes in a range of formats with different content, covering everything from vehicle technology and road safety, through to charging infrastructure. The organisation also works with businesses directly to develop bespoke training packages, based on their individual needs and requirements.

The latest addition to its suite of EV driver training options, ‘EV Co-Driver’ is due to launch next month and is a brand-new way of communicating with drivers on the topic of electrification. The programme offers a new approach to driver training through a series of short animations which can be accessed via smartphones or portable devices.

Leo Taylor, head of product solutions at DriveTech, said: “Manufacturers, fleets and private motorists are preparing for electric mobility in a variety of different ways, however at DriveTech our focus is ensuring drivers are educated to the unique operation, maintenance and driving strategies required to maximise safety and efficiency. We understand the perceived barriers around EV adoption and we are committed to supporting drivers with our targeted training.

“Complete with EV familiarisation, on-road sessions, driver workshops and much more,  our resources and course portfolio will help engage and educate drivers, taking them on an EV transition journey to a greener, safer and more sustainable fleet. We’re really excited about the upcoming launch of EV Co-Driver, with 17 new and varied modules, and the impact this will make on fleet training.”

As part of its offering, DriveTech has been working closely with ABB, a global technology company, to develop and deliver a bespoke EV familiarisation course for its company drivers.

David Day, HSE manager at ABB UK, commented: “ABB have been working collaboratively with DriveTech on our EV transformation journey. This has included developing and delivering a new EV familiarisation course for our company car drivers. Initially delivered to our senior management team, the feedback was excellent with the training well delivered, and the content relevant. We hope to roll out the training to our driving community over the coming months.

“We feel reassured that we have a proactive driver training partner in DriveTech; especially as we implement our sustainability strategy, which our EV ambitions form a key part of.”

As part of a range of resources from DriveTech, it has also created a ‘Free EV Guide to Charging Infrastructure’ which can be shared with fleet managers and their driving communities.

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