Connected Kerb and Fastned go live on Allstar-Zapmap payment network

Connected Kerb and ultra-rapid charging provider Fastned have now gone live on the Allstar-Zapmap network.

This means fleet drivers can pay for charging at Connected Kerb and Fastned sites across the country using their Allstar One Electric card lodged digitally within the Zapmap app.

Drivers simply need to download the Zapmap app, add their Allstar One Electric card and activate their Allstar features. This will enable them to pay for electric vehicle (EV) charging across a growing list of the UK’s leading charge point networks, which now includes Connected Kerb, ESB, Fastned, MFG EV Power and Osprey.

This single-app payment solution allows drivers to avoid the hassle of relying on multiple payment methods and removes the need to carry a physical RFID card at all times.

Both Fastned and Connected Kerb scored extremely well in Zapmap’s most recent annual charging network rankings, as rated by EV drivers across the country.

Indeed, reliability and ease of use were key to Fastned’s position, with feedback highlighting its ultra-rapid chargers as “Very reliable” and focusing on the “superb charging experience.” Connected Kerb, meanwhile, scored the highest of any on-street network for reliability, with feedback highlighting its chargers as “Excellent and Reliable.”

European network Fastned is quickly establishing a strong foothold in the UK and has plans for rapid expansion across the country. Fleet drivers should watch out for many more of the network’s distinctive yellow canopies popping up over the next few years.

Similarly, Connected Kerb’s network has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, now comprising almost 2,400 fast charging devices in car parks and on residential streets. Last year, Connected Kerb announced plans to install 190,000 public on-street chargers by 2030. The unprecedented investment intends to revolutionise access to EV charging for millions of drivers without off-street parking, and to support mass-market charging for workplaces and fleets.

Harrison Brook, Head of Partnerships at Zapmap, said: “I’m delighted to see both Connected Kerb and Fastned going live on the Allstar-Zapmap network. Not only do the two networks provide critical charging solutions at both ends of the scale, but they are extremely highly rated by Zapmap users – a great sign for electric fleet drivers across the country.

“It’s clear that the Allstar-Zapmap network is already providing significant value for fleet drivers by enabling them to pay across multiple charge point operators via Zap-Pay. And with the addition of reliable networks such as Connected Kerb and Fastned, I’m pleased to say that charging electric fleets up and down the UK is only getting easier.”

Zapmap’s partnership with Allstar aims to make charging simple for fleets. With fleets increasingly making the switch to electric, fleet managers benefit from one clear overview of all electricity costs, as well as a simplified admin portal delivering full visibility of spend across fleets.

Tom Rowlands, FLEETCOR Managing Director, Global EV Solutions, including UK brand, Allstar, said: “Essential to the continued rapid expansion of EV infrastructure in the UK is that the payment process for each and every charging transaction is as seamless as possible. With customers now able to pay to charge at Fastned and Connected Kerb sites on the Allstar One Electric card via Zap-Pay, that ease of use has increased considerably.

“By facilitating fleets’ ability to pay to charge across multiple charge points via Zap-Pay, Allstar and Zapmap are helping to ensure this infrastructure continues to be developed at an accelerated rate. It’s fantastic to see this moving so positively in the right direction.”

Chris Pateman-Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Connected Kerb, said: “Convincing fleets to make the switch to electric will only happen if charging on-the-go is truly hassle-free. We want to make finding, using and paying for a charge as easy as 1,2,3 and deliver a charging experience that drivers love.

“From today, drivers with an Allstar card will get access to thousands of our on-street and car park charging points, perfect for those that are not in an immediate rush to get back on the road. This partnership is another step of our journey to provide access to EV charging for the millions of drivers without off-street parking, and to support mass- market charging for workplaces and fleets.”

Tom Hurst, UK country manager for Fastned, said: “At Fastned, our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by providing freedom for electric drivers. The Allstar-Zapmap offering means EV drivers will have more payment options on our top-rated network, meaning together we will be working to lower the barriers to EV uptake and show just how easy EV life can be.”

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