BG SyncEV joins the Powered by Monta programme

EV charging manufacturer BG SyncEV is joining the Powered by Monta programme to deliver a seamless EV charging solution.

BG SyncEV’s commercial and residential Wall Charger 2 charge points will now be shipped with Monta software built in.

Monta’s EV charge point software combines all of the features that EV drivers need into one simple platform. The software can be used in a residential or commercial setting eliminating the need for multiple software/ apps. BG SyncEV’s users will now have access to features such as charge point sharing, smart charging, and over 310,000 roaming charge points.

Gareth Webb, Marketing Director at BG SyncEV, said: “We’re focused on providing flexible charging solutions that work for all EV drivers. Monta’s platform means we can offer the same software solution to residential, workplace, or commercial clients while still allowing customers to select the hardware that works for them.”

As a Powered by Monta partner, BG SyncEV’s Wall Charger 2 charge points (both the 22kW Three Phase, and upcoming 7.4kW variants) will come with Monta pre-installed to create a quick installation experience that is fully compliant with UK Smart Charging Regulations. The BG SyncEV Wall Charger 2 models provide flexible charging solutions for homes, workplaces, and businesses.

“BG SyncEV are an established name in the EV industry ” said Alok Dubey, UK Country Manager at Monta. “So we’re thrilled that they have selected Monta as their default software provider. We’re confident that together BG SyncEV and Monta can continue to build an harmonious EV charging ecosystem.”

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