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Everrati: Fully electric Porsche aims to turn petrolheads into motorheads

Speaking on the Everything EV podcast, Justin Lunny, CEO of Everrati lifts the lead on the company’s fully electric Porsche 911 964.

Everrati’s ‘Signature’ wide-body model will be one of the most eye-catching displays at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, and ahead of the event, Justin Lunny, CEO of Everrati, appeared on the Everything EV podcast to talk about the inspiration behind converting this classic to electric.

“The whole premise of Everrati is to create some of the worlds most iconic electric cars,” Lunny said. “The journey for Everrati has been quite interesting. My background is in fintech – I’ve built and sold a couple of companies in that space, and I’ve been involved in that for the last 20 years, but I’ve always loved cars and they have always been my passion.

“I have a young son and young daughter; both are really worried about climate change. My ambition is to get people like me considering electric vehicles as a genuine alternative to their petrol performance cars and I think we’ve really achieved that with this particular model. For me, this car is a stunning piece of engineering, the Porsche itself is an evolutionary car and what we’ve done is take an original 1991 car and fully updated it, even though to the untrained eye it looks like a beautifully restored original.”

The car features carbon fibre body elements and an EV powertrain capable of delivering an electric, emission-free driving range of more than 150 miles. On the podcast, Lunny also shared some of the technical elements of the cars performance.

“It’s a lot of fun, this car. Really what we’re doing is trying to ensure that petrol heads turn into motorheads and really start to enjoy an EV. This particular one has 500hp, 500nm of torque and 0-60mph is well below four seconds, we’re currently working on exactly how far below four we can get it. Top end is around 130/135mph but really this is all about having fun and a really engaging drive.”

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