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eDubs Services: “EV conversions keeping the timeless classics going”

Kit Lacey of EV conversion firm eDubs Services discusses the industry of electric conversions and why it’s so important for the mass adoption of EVs.

The industry of classic cars being converted to electric is growing and growing, with many companies, such as York-based eDubs Services, coming to the market with a wide range of amazing and interested electrification projects.

From a classic VW Camper to a fully-electric Golf MK2, Kit Lacey and his team have been converting vehicles to electric since 2015 and have seen the industry of conversions grow from its infancy to today where the role of electrifying cars is becoming increasingly important.

And although Lacey had prepared himself for some backlash from old-school petrolheads, he explained that his projects are well received by most people, most of the time.

He said: “I remember the big fear that I had was that we would turn up at a show with this campervan and it’s full of VW guys, all of which are going to petrolheads, and I was very aware of having a lot of hate and waiting for people to come along having a go.

“The wonderful reality was nobody hated it. There were a couple of guys who sarcastically said the turning in their grave thing and things like that, but all of them did it with a joke and what really fascinated me is that was actually a very small amount of people. There was a large amount of people who maybe didn’t get it or didn’t like it or were petrolheads. But they looked at it, they saw it and they accepted it. That was so fascinating as they turned to me and nodded and said “Yep well it is the future.” They may not immediately get it but they do at least understand it and they respect it and they realised why it’s happening.”

As the country meets to tackle the global issue of climate change at COP26, electric cars have been one of the biggest topics of conversation. With the country set on phasing out the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, Lacey believes the work of eDubs Services and other companies like his, will allow classic cars to exist in a more environmentally friendly future.

He said: “My favourite cars are the old ones with design and class and beauty, and one of the things that really motivates me is that I don’t want to see those cars scrapped. I don’t want to see a beautiful old car go into a scrapheap simply because petrol is too expensive.

“I want the design and beauty of that car to last and to survive another 50 years, and to do that you don’t change anything about the outside of it, you change how it runs and how it performs. If you just happen to be able to make it better, which is what electric does, and if happen to make it cheaper and faster and more reliable, then brilliant, that’s a bonus, but it’s all about longevity.”

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