Formula E

Rowland Reigns in Berlin to Secure Double ABB Driver of Progress Award

Oliver Rowland showcased exceptional driving skills and strategic prowess to secure two podium finishes and the ABB Driver of Progress double award at the Berlin E-Prix in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Despite challenging starting positions, Rowland’s ability to manage energy and make decisive moves on track allowed him to climb 25 places over the two races. His performance in Berlin further cements his reputation for overcoming qualifying setbacks with remarkable racecraft.

Race 1: From 15th to Podium

Starting 15th on the grid for the first race, Rowland employed an aggressive early strategy, pushing his car to the limits with 3% energy consumption per lap. This tactic saw him reach his fastest speed of 235 km/h by lap four, a speed he matched again on the penultimate lap. His high pace allowed him to break into the points within four laps and remain there for the rest of the race.

Rowland’s energy management was critical, especially given his initial deficit compared to the median energy percentage of the field. By the race’s midpoint, he had firmly positioned himself in the lead group. His ability to balance energy conservation with competitive speed enabled him to go head-to-head with top drivers like Jean-Eric Vergne, Mitch Evans, and Porsche’s Pascal Wehrlein and Antonio Felix da Costa, ultimately securing a third-place finish.

Race 2: Strategic Ascent from 16th

In the second race, starting 16th, Rowland adopted a more measured approach in the initial laps. His ascent was less immediate but more controlled, moving into the top six by lap 10. Throughout the race, Rowland’s throttle management and energy usage became more aggressive during the middle phase, pushing him to second place.

After the second safety car, Rowland’s strategic energy conservation allowed him to maintain his position in the lead group. By using less battery power than his competitors during crucial laps, he ensured he had enough energy to make a final push, securing another podium finish.

Consistent Excellence in Energy Management

Rowland’s performance in Berlin is a testament to his exceptional energy management and strategic acumen. His ability to recover from suboptimal qualifying positions repeatedly showcases his skill in balancing aggressive racing with the necessary energy conservation.

Despite Nissan’s current qualifying challenges, Rowland’s consistent upward trends during races highlight his adaptability and racing intelligence. His impressive results in Berlin, combined with his strategic energy management, have earned him the ABB Driver of Progress awards, reinforcing his status as a top competitor in the championship.

Overall Standings

Rowland leads the ABB Driver of Progress standings with 56 positions gained from his starting slots, ahead of reigning champion Jake Dennis, who has gained 39 places. Nissan teammate Sacha Fenestraz follows in third with 36 positions gained.

Rowland’s ability to navigate the complexities of energy management and race strategy continues to set him apart in the Formula E World Championship, making him a formidable contender in the series.

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