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Inside eDubs’ Golf MK2 Conversion

We’ve heard how and why they do it, but let’s have a look at an eDubs conversion. Check out our review of this fully electric Golf MK2.

The VW Golf Mk2 debuted in 1984 and it quickly became one of the most popular and iconic cars of that era. However, like many classic, old-school cars, eDubs Services considered its original one litre engine and 110bhp underwhelming, and so the mission of transforming this car to electric began.

With the introduction of a Tesla drive unit, the character and performance of this car has been completely reimagined, with more than 160bhp available with the squeeze of the throttle. With no gear changes or revving, you get all that power from the second you press the throttle. In place of the gear stick is a subtle drive selector; Drive, Neutral or Reverse. The clutch has gone too so your left foot has plenty of space to stretch out.

Like many EV conversions, the purpose and idea behind this project was to keep it as authentic as possible, and to make it more than just a faster version of the original Golf.

Instead, eDubs Services has retained the fundamentals of the cars design, both interior and exterior, whilst also making it fit for the modern age of electrification.

Complete with CCS fast charging, with the capacity to charge up to 70kW, this electric Golf offers more than 200 miles of real-world range. There are two conversion options to choose from, with eDub’s e30 or e50 packs, both featuring the same power and drive.

Each conversion starts from around £65,000, but for that price, you will drive away an electric car that features a design like no other and with a level of performance that will match up with any modern-day EV.

Commenting on the project, Kit Lacey, the man behind the electric MK2, said: “It’s such an iconic car. VW is something we’re really close to at eDubs Services and the Golf is just one of those cars that is a slightly different vain, but so many things are similar from a conversion aspect. When we were approached to do a Golf MK2 conversion, it was one of those where we could take some of the Tesla technology that we’re used to and maybe put it to a bit more use. Let’s put it into a car that can really make the most of the power and the torque and the acceleration that the unit can give us so readily.

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