Volvo opens new EV test hub at the Eden Project

Volvo Car UK has launched its first-ever Pure Electric Test Drive Hub at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Visitors will be given the opportunity to test drive Volvo’s pure electric fleet, consisting of the XC40 Recharge SUV and the new C40 Recharge, around the Cornish roads, as the manufacturer reaffirms its commitment to being an electric-only car brand by 2030.

The manufacturers long-term partnership with the Eden Project aims to inspire and educate people about electric vehicles, and how people can protect the planet to create a safer future.

The hub will also look to accelerate consumer uptake of zero-emission vehicles by tackling concerns consumers have around purchasing and driving electric cars, especially in remote areas.

Kristian Elvefors, managing director of Volvo Car UK, said: “We are really excited to launch the new Volvo Pure Electric Test Drive Hub at the Eden Project. At Volvo, we recognise we have been part of the problem and are working extremely hard to ensure that our next generation of cars leave as little impact as possible.

“Our latest model, the C40 Recharge pure electric, demonstrates this commitment, right down to how it is manufactured, and the amount of recycled material used within the car.”

Sir Tim Smit, co-founder of the Eden Project, said: “We’re delighted to be partnered with a company that really walks the talk. There is a quiet revolution going on and we want to be part of this transformation.”

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