Toyota previews next steps in electrification with new EV Crossover images

Toyota has teased a new addition to its ‘Beyond Zero’ electric vehicle range ahead of more details being released next week. 

Images released by Toyota show the silhouette of a new crossover which will be revealed at the Shanghai auto show next Sunday (18th April).

The new EV, which will be given one of Toyota’s new ‘BZ’ nametags, is intended for Europe and will aim to compete with other electric crossovers from Volkswagen, Tesla and Ford, which had images of a new electric compact SUV ‘leaked’ earlier this week. 

Concept images of a crossover from Toyota have already been released with the naming system for the vehicles to follow a similar pattern to Kia’s ‘EV’ range. The ‘Beyond Zero’ models from Toyota will be prefixed by ‘BZ’ and followed by a number, such as BZ1, BZ2 etc. 


While details of the Crossover have been purposely hidden, the silhouette of the new EV shows a sharp, pointed exterior with slim headlights and a blue Toyota badge.  

Other details are few and far between at the moment, but the electric crossover will be manufactured on an electric platform by both Toyota and Subaru. 

A premiere of Toyota’s next steps in electrification and electric vehicles will take place on Monday 19th April, with more details on vehicles intended for the US market to be revealed later in the year.

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