Surron supports Electric Dirt Bike Festival 2023

Surron, pioneers in electric off-road motorcycles, has announced its support for the first-ever Electric Dirt Bike Festival 2023.

The first of its kind in the world, the EXGB Electric Dirt Bike Festival brings together riders of all ages to celebrate a new era in off-road sport. Set to take place at Greenfield Dirt Track in Lincolnshire from 18-20 August, the festival marks a huge milestone in the evolution of electric off-road racing.

“The Electric Dirt Bike Festival is all about igniting the future of off-road competition. We want to create a legacy that combines the thrill of speed with a greener, quieter future”, said Paul Oughton, Founder and Director of EXGB. “At the moment, there’s nothing else in the UK – or the world – like it. Riders from the age of three up to the age of 63 and beyond, can race, which is a real testament to the accessibility and excitement that the electric racing scene can offer for all levels of experience and abilities.

“It’s fantastic to be supported by the dedicated team at Surron who shares our core values in electric performance and sustainability, as well as our vision and goals for the future of this sport.”

Hosting the final rounds of the EXGP Electric X British Championship, the showdown will feature a dynamic range of classes, from young riders proving their mettle in Mini-E and Auto-E categories, through to the Adult Open and Stock classes that feature the adult Surron bikes.

The weekend is set for some fierce competition to decide who will take the EXGP title for 2023. Among the standout contenders is Sam Winterburn of the PCR-E Performance Factory Surron team on the Storm Bee, currently top of the leaderboard, and Isaac Ash of the Rev Monkey Surron team on the Ultra Bee, who is currently second in the standings.

Offering both cuteness and courage with younger riders aged three to eight, the Revvi Electric Balance Bike Masters Championship embodies the festival’s core value of accessibility, paving the way for budding riders to experience the joy of competition in a safe and engaging environment.

“Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and accessibility to racing for all riders is what aligns us so perfectly with the festival’s mission”, said Lee Westbrook, Business Development Manager at Surron UK. “We’re proud to be supporting an event that not only showcases the incredible performance capabilities of our bikes and the unquestionable talent of our Surron riders, but also gives us a chance to inspire young riders and present more opportunity – no matter a rider’s age or ability – in the sport of off-road racing.

“As the only two-wheel race series that’s currently putting electric off-road racing front and centre, EXGB is redefining what it means to race off-road. We have no doubts that the future of racing is electric, and the Electric Dirt Bike Festival is paving the way.”

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