Sureserve Group electrifies fleet thanks to Octopus Energy

Energy services firm Sureserve Group has partnered with Octopus Energy to transition 600 business vehicles to electric in the next three years.

Sureserve was introduced to Octopus Energy via its Future Mobility Offering with NatWest Group and now, Sureserve employees will be offered home charging installations and the option to switch to an Octopus Energy smart tariff as part of the three-year contract.

The tariff will enable Sureserve’s vans and cars to charge cost-efficiently when there is more green energy on the grid. This will provide six hours of super plunge pricing overnight with a saving of 73% compared to current fixed domestic energy tariff options in the market.

Octopus will provide Sureserve with access to the Electric Juice Network, Octopus’ roaming platform that allows fleets to access thousands of charge points across the country, all through one app, card and bill.

Sureserve’s fleet managers will be given a fleet dashboard platform by Octopus, which is powered by data from Ohme’s intelligent chargers installed at driver homes. It consolidates the cost of charging on workplace, home and public chargers. It can send payments through payroll back to the driver, so that Sureserve can reimburse drivers for the business miles that they are doing.

Peter Smith, interim chief operating officer and chief financial officer at Sureserve, said: “The delivery of this new project is a very exciting addition to the scope of our sustainable operations, with very real and direct benefits to our businesses, our people, our clients and their customers, and of course the environment. It’s crucial to find the right partner when supporting our long-term sustainable commitments, and we look forward to working closely with Octopus to implement further improvements in the future.”

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy for Business, the arm of Octopus Energy Group which is managing the partnership, added: “Our team designed a tailor-made solution for Sureserve which allows them to charge their fleet with green energy when it’s at its cheapest. Business fleets play a key role in the success of decarbonising UK roads. It’s our ambition to make switching to green electricity as easy and comfortable as possible for them so we can fast-track the UK to net zero.”

Robert Labinski, Head of Electrification at Octopus Energy for Business and lead on the project, commented: “There is no other offering in the market that combines bespoke time-of-use tariffs, charging infrastructure, roaming and billing in one easy to use fleet platform. This is a landmark fleet electrification deal that proves our capability to solve the most challenging problems fleet managers are facing when integrating electric vehicles into their businesses.”

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