NHS Scotland installs first pop-up charging hub

The NHS has installed Scotland’s first pop-up EV charging and solar car park at Raigmore Hospital, in Inverness.

The innovative charging hub is the first of its kind in the country and the seventh to go live in the UK, and provides parking and fast charging for up to 12 EVs using renewable energy.

Developed by 3ti, the Papilo3 is made from a recycled shipping container, is easily transported and can be installed in less than eight hours, making it a quick and easy alternative to permanent charging hubs.

Its roof-mounted solar panels are integrated with existing local power sources to provide AC charging at up to 22kW for 12 vehicles at a time. Its makers say that with an average annual energy generation of 18MWh, the Papilo3 has the capacity to provide 63,000 miles’ worth of charge to users.

The unit features motion-activated lighting, CCTV and a fully integrated billing system to make charging safe and simple for users.

With a fleet of EVs already in operation at the hospital, Papilio3 will support destination and workplace EV charging for hospital staff, while offering additional accessible and convenient charging in an area where visitors often stay for long periods and don’t require rapid or ultra-rapid charging.

Unlike other charging solutions, the Papilo3 is leased by NHS Scotland from 3ti, saving the health board the upfront cost of installing charge points.

Brian Johnstone, head of energy, environment and sustainability at NHS Highland, said: “As part of our commitment to supporting the delivery of healthcare in the future, we understand that our environmental responsibilities go beyond our own services. As an organisation, we are looking to develop innovative ways to harness electricity and utilise renewable energy on-site which Papilio3 is a great example of.

“With the introduction of Papilio3, NHS Highland is now better positioned to support patients, staff and visitors with EVs at Raigmore. We hope that this investment in EV infrastructure helps to convince others to make the switch over to zero-emission vehicles.”

Shaun Wightman-Smith, business development manager at 3ti, added: “We are proud to deliver another Papilio3, adding to our growing portfolio of applications, this time in the Scottish Highlands. The location of our latest installation showcases the impressive capability of our innovative solar car park, which is designed to provide EV charging infrastructure and reduce grid dependency to a range of facilities in different locations in the UK.”

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Matt Allan

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