Rightcharge unveils electric fuel card for EV charging

EV charging company Rightcharge has launched an electric fuel card to consolidate all public, home and workplace charging into one bill.

This solution is designed to simplify the transition to electric vehicles and save fleets over £1,000 per year per driver through integrated tariff intelligence.

Fleet drivers will be able to tap a Rightcharge card and pay with company funds at 30 different public charging networks, including Osprey, Shell Recharge and Ionity, thereby unlocking access to more than 34,000 public chargers. For comparison, the well-known Allstar One Electric card offers fleets access to around 13,000 chargers.

Crucially, fleet managers can also pay for their employees’ home charging so drivers are never out of pocket. Rightcharge makes payments directly to an employee’s energy supplier to cover the electric vehicle charging portion of their bill, regardless of which energy supplier the employee is with. Importantly, this avoids the ‘bill shock’ problem, which employees experience when they have to pay up-front for home charging.

Furthermore, Rightcharge has overcome the EV-tariff problem for fleets. A common challenge to date has been that fleets can’t ask employees to switch to an EV-friendly home energy tariff because the significant EV charging savings often come with a slight increase in the cost of powering the home. To overcome this, Rightcharge splits the savings between the driver and the business, meaning fleets can now save over £1,000 per year per driver. Tariff comparison intelligence will be integrated to identify the best deals as well as Rightcharge’s home and workplace charging point installation services.

Drivers will also be able to tap the Rightcharge card on their workplace chargers so that Fleet Managers get a holistic view of every driver’s charging.

Rightcharge simplifies charging by eliminating the need to track and reconcile multiple receipts from various public charging providers and energy suppliers, saving time for both the business and drivers. Fleets get access to cost and carbon analytics at a company-wide level, allowing businesses to seamlessly align their fleet with sustainability and budget objectives. To ensure a smooth process, Rightcharge assigns a dedicated account manager to support businesses throughout the process.

Fleet managers will be able to create an account on the Rightcharge website and invite their drivers to join. When the drivers sign up, they get access to a personalised portal. The fleet managers can then make monthly payments that cover all their drivers’ charging expenses for home, public and workplace charging. For drivers who claim back via expenses, fleet managers can specify that payment comes from personal funds and Rightcharge exports simple receipts.

Rightcharge CEO Charlie Cook said: “At Rightcharge, our mission is to empower drivers to go electric by making EV charging easier, more affordable and accessible to all. With this new electric fuel card, we are removing the headaches and hassle for both fleet managers and their drivers, simplifying the transition to EVs. By giving drivers access to a huge number of public charge points and enabling direct-to-energy-supplier payments, we are breaking down the barriers to EV adoption. This is an incredibly exciting step on our journey.

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