Kempower and Eleport open three fast charging systems in Latvia

Kempower has joined forces with Eleport, a European provider of EV charging services, to install three new fast charging systems in Latvia.

The sites, which are already open to the public in the Latvian cities of Dreilini, Bergi and Sigulda, have boosted DC fast charging availability in Latvia by adding a total of 14 new DC charging points to the country’s EV charging infrastructure.

Latvia needs to dramatically reduce transportation emissions to achieve the European Union’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050. In 2017, Latvia’s transportation sector was responsible for the country’s second-largest share of final energy consumption (29%). Furthermore, 94% of these transportation-related emissions came from road transport.

To help reduce emissions from road transport, Kempower and Eleport have teamed up to increase EV fast-charging availability in Latvia. The three new DC fast charging systems have significantly increased EV charging access in suburban regions, as each charging device is equipped with two plugs, adding 14 new charging points in the area.

Kempower has provided fast chargers with different power ranges to best serve the diverse needs of all EV drivers in Dreilini, Bergi and Sigulda. The DC charging points offer power from 50 kW to ultra-fast 200 kW. The charging systems can be found at the Saga shopping center in Dreilini, the Sky supermarket in the Bergi neighborhood and the Sokolade shopping center in Sigulda.

Commenting on the project, Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, said: “Kempower’s vision is to create the world’s most desired EV chargers for everyone, everywhere. We have previously worked with Eleport in Estonia, and now I am proud to continue working together to electrify transport in Latvia. We’re excited to introduce a reliable, top-class EV charging experience for current and future Latvian EV drivers in our first project in the country.”

Kārlis Mendziņš, Manager of Eleport Latvia, added: “Our mission is to ensure the most comfortable transition to electric transportation, which is why we want to introduce the most convenient, modern and innovative charging solutions for Latvian EV drivers. To achieve this, we’ve teamed up with Kempower, whose systems have already received positive feedback from our users in Estonia. At our new charging systems, EV drivers can count on a convenient charging process, fast payment procedures and enough charge to last all day.”

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