Everrati debuts electric Porsche 911 (964) at Pebble Beach

Electrification specialists Everrati are to showcase an electric 911 (964) and 911 S 1970 at Monterey Car Week.

Everrati, the leading technology company specialising in redefining and futureproofing of automotive icons through the integration of cutting-edge electric vehicle powertrains, will be taking part in the prestigious Monterey Car Week, with a Porsche showcase in the Concours Village, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Marking a second year at Monterey Car Week, Everrati will feature a display on the lawns of Pebble Beach where it will present two iconic Porsche 911s. Among the vehicles on display will be the first formal public showing of its redefined Mexico Blue 911 wide body redefined by Everrati, plus a Concours legend in the 911 S 1970 – a car that has previously wowed crowds at Pebble Beach, taking second place in its class in 2013.

Everrati’s redefined electric 911 (964) is one of the company’s first US builds, commissioned by its high profile sustainable-tech entrepreneur owner and hand-crafted by Everrati’s partner Aria Group in California.

Justin Lunny, Everrati co-founder and CEO, said: “Pebble Beach is renowned as the centre of the motoring universe each August. We are very proud to showcase our stunning redefined electric Porsche 911 alongside the rare and wonderful 911 S. These vehicles represent two very different eras of Porsche and powertrain technology and are a perfect celebration to mark the 75th anniversary of 911.

“We are excited for visitors to see up close our redefined 911, which represents our mission to futureproof and preserve the most iconic cars ever created, to be enjoyed by future generations. The car is the result of our meticulously hand-built, OEM-grade processes and dedication to detail, from the engineering of its bespoke electric powertrain all the way to its luxurious bespoke interior, which we pride on preserving the soul and character of each car.”

Everrati is showcasing the car at Pebble Beach to honour Porsche’s 75th anniversary of the 911. This special 911 is a homage to the new Porsche 911 S/T announced by Porsche, as well as Everrati’s own inspired electric Porsche ST which it recently announced will join its portfolio.

Justin Lunny added: “Working with Peter will be a thrilling project. Peter is one of the world’s most passionate Porsche collectors, his decision on an Everrati commission is a testament to the quality, care, and detail we put into every car. As with all our customers across the globe, we are witnessing a shift in how individuals want to own and invest in prized automotive assets. We’re seeing a growing demand by owners of iconic vehicles to invest in sustainable luxury by transforming into zero-emission rolling pieces of art.”

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