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Zero Emission Van Plan launched at the Houses of Parliament

A collaborative effort led by industry experts and trade bodies has resulted in the launch of the ‘Zero Emission Van Plan’, aimed at accelerating the transition to electric vans.

The initiative was officially unveiled at the Houses of Parliament, with representatives from various sectors engaging with MPs to advocate for positive change in the industry. Key stakeholders, including Transport Secretary Mark Harper, MPs from major political parties, and industry leaders, pledged their support for the Van Plan.

The plan outlines critical recommendations across affordability, vehicle charging infrastructure, and regulations. With vans constituting a significant portion of the UK’s vehicle parc and playing a vital role in various industries, such as engineering, construction, logistics, and emergency services, the transition to zero-emission vans is deemed essential.

The coalition behind the Van Plan, including the BVRLA, Logistics UK, Recharge UK, the AFP, and The EV Café, collaborated to develop the plan’s content. They intend to work together throughout 2024 to advocate for its recommendations with decision-makers.

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney emphasised the importance of zero-emission vans in meeting road decarbonisation targets, highlighting their significance as a crucial element in the transition to greener transportation.

Fleet sector participants are urged to support the Van Plan and disseminate its recommendations. An online tool enables individuals to easily share the plan with their local MPs to raise awareness, while fleet operators can contribute to strengthening the coalition’s advocacy efforts through an online poll.

David Wells, Chief Executive of Logistics UK, stressed the need for meaningful support for van operators to facilitate a fair transition to a green economy while keeping costs manageable.

Dr. Nina Skorupska CBE, CEO of REA, emphasised the pivotal role of electric vans in achieving net zero targets and underscored the urgent adoption of the plan’s recommendations to facilitate a swift and equitable transition.

Paul Hollick, Chair of the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP), highlighted the obstacles preventing the adoption of electric vans by fleet operators and emphasised the importance of immediate action to enable a smooth transition and maximise benefits for all stakeholders.

The full Zero Emission Van Plan can be viewed online:

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