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Citroën Ë-Dispatch named “International Van of the Year”

Citroën Ë-Dispatch has been awarded the prestigious title of 2021 “International Van of The Year”.

Its contemporary styling, onboard comfort, dynamic qualities and loading capacity combined with the benefits of the best electrical technology, convinced a panel of 24 independent journalists and magazine editors who specialise in Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs).

The win marks the sixth time that Citroën has been honoured with this highly coveted prize.

“All of Citroën’s teams are incredibly proud of the 2021 “International Van of The Year” title granted to Ë-Dispatch. The electric version of the Dispatch provides professionals with practical solutions to new mobility challenges in both urban and rural areas thanks to its driving range that delivers most journeys in unprecedented comfort while keeping all the useful features of its combustion counterpart. New Ë-Dispatch is faithful to Citroën’s strategy of designing tailor-made solutions that meet the expectations and needs of our commercial customers. Our ambition entails our team creating innovative products and services to improve the customers’ well-being and making their lives easier overall. This prize awarded by a jury of experts, will help us to achieve the commercial goals we have for this model.”

Vincent Cobée – CEO of Citroën

The 100% electric Citroën Ë-Dispatch has the same capabilities as the standard Dispatch models, but with none of the emissions.


Professionals can choose the driving range that best suits their daily tasks. Two driving-range options are available covering most professional needs in this segment, whether it is driving to a building site, making a delivery, or transporting people: 143 miles on the WLTP cycle with a 50kWh battery, or 205 miles with a 75kWh battery.


The overall comfort inside the van has improved immensely thanks to its handling and lack of vibrations or engine noise. Its 100kW electric motor can easily reach a top speed of 80 miles with torque immediately available on starting and without the need to change gears, which provides complete peace of mind in a hectic work environment.


The Ë-Dispatch can be easily charged at home (through a 7Kw Wallbox), or a super-fast public charging station that can recharge 80% of the battery in 30 minutes only. Ë-Dispatch’s 7-inch touch screen presents an array of electrical information about the vehicle, such as energy flow, consumption statistics, deferred charging, and thermal pre-conditioning.

The Best of Dispatch

Nothing has been compromised when it comes to the efficient architecture of the Dispatch that makes everyday life easier for professionals. The Ë-Dispatch comes in three models and three lengths; its height of 1.90m ensures access to all car parks, and its useful payload and volume are identical to its thermal version: up to 6.6m3 of useful volume, , useful width of 1.25m between the wheel arches, Moduwork, etc.

And like any good commercial vehicle designed for professionals and tradesmen/women, running costs remain low and efficient.

IVOTY Jurors Commented “Once again Citroën has demonstrated its expertise when it comes to commercial vehicles alongside with its desire to provide practical solutions to its customers. In this period of energy transition, New Citroën Ë-Dispatch has proved itself to be an indispensable work tool for professionals, local authorities, and associations. It combines the best of the Dispatch’s key features with all the benefits of an electric motor resulting in greater convenience, comfort, freedom of movement and reduced running costs.”

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