Close to half of UK drivers to now switch to EVs

Almost 50 per cent of Britain’s car owners will choose to buy an electric vehicle as their next car due to spiralling fuel costs.

According to a study published by used car buying service, 42% of motorists are now planning to purchase an electric vehicle as their next car, despite the higher purchase costs and less availability of second hand EVs.

The study featured responses from 2,000 motorists, with each participant asked as to whether recent fluctuations in fuel costs and shortages had affected their buying habits.

It also found that men were more likely to buy an EV than women, with 46% of males stating that their next vehicle would definitely be electric, and 38% of females.

Age of driver also affected the results, with a sharp increase in plans for an EV in the younger demographic. UK drivers in the 18–34-year-old age group felt most strongly about buying an EV, with a staggering 66% saying they would definitely make their next vehicle electric, while in the 35–54-year age group, 49% stated that an EV was their next car purchase. In the other 55 age group, only 20% said they would be purchasing an EV.

More findings from the report revealed that London drivers were the most likely to buy an EV next, with 60% saying that would be their next vehicle purchase. This was followed by Brighton, with 48%, Edinburgh with 44%, and Birmingham and Liverpool with 43%. Bristol and Plymouth were the cities least likely to buy an EV next, with just 15% saying they would go electric for their next car.

Founder of, Nick Zapolski, said: “We have been doing a lot of research on how UK drivers have been affected by recent events, and the younger age group appears to have been the one that has found it hardest to manage the spiralling prices.

“While EVs are obviously a good choice for many, with the starting price still being close to five figures, many will struggle to afford a new EV and the secondhand market is still very limited.

“It seems very unfair that the very people that need EVs the most, and who have the strongest desire for one, might be priced out of the market for one.”

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