News begins ‘world’s first’ trial of EV inductive charging

On-street EV charging firm has confirmed the world’s first trial of public EV inductive charging in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

This very first public trial has been launched in Marlow under the auspices of Buckinghamshire Council, using a low-power inductive charging installation provided by technology partner IPT Technology and adapted vehicles that are available for public hire through the app and website.

The contactless technology enables electric vehicles to be charged automatically without need for cables or any driver interaction with a charge point.

With an existing portfolio of lamp post charging technologies and services already providing solutions for urban on-street parking, says its new inductive innovation “automates and further streamlines” the charging process, declutters the residential kerbside in urban areas and provides a solution accessible to all drivers.

Councillor Peter Strachan, Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Environment at Buckinghamshire Council, said: “The trial of inductive charging in Marlow really provided a sense of what the near future will look like. As a typical local authority looking to incentivise the adoption of EVs, managing the street scene and accommodating a wide variety of needs and preferences on our residential roads and pavements has – until now – proven to be very challenging.

“Inductive charging solves a great many of the problems and looks like a clear contender for how we organise our clean power infrastructure in the best interests of all of our residents.”

The next stages of the project will see the scheme extended to a variety of different urban contexts and geographies as a precursor to the test of the second-generation inductive fast charger which has been developed by’s partner, Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Myles Roberts,’s project manager for inductive charging said: “Our business has really focused on use-cases where charging solutions are complicated. Inductive charging takes another step towards making on-street charging in urban contexts the de facto solution for people without off-street parking who want an EV; so we’re delighted to have successfully concluded the first trial of the technology ‘in the wild’.

“From here on, we’re broadening the trial contexts with a number of new locations and we will also be moving the technology another step forward towards commercialisation with our partners.”’s Marlow trial is part of a wider series of evaluations being conducted in different geographies in the UK with Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and Innovate UK funding to help realise the UK government’s 2035 delivery plan to transition to zero emission cars and vans.

Members of the public have been invited to hire the adapted EV for periods of up to three days and provide feedback on their enhanced experience of streamlined EV charging.

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