London’s electric vehicle drivers to face congestion charge from December 2025

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in London are set to face increased costs as Transport for London (TfL) announces the end of the congestion charge discount for EVs.

Starting from 25 December 2025, EVs will be subject to the same £15-a-day congestion charge that other vehicles currently pay.

Since October 2021, zero-emission vehicles have benefited from a significant reduction, paying only £10 annually to travel through the Congestion Charge Zone, which includes areas such as Westminster, Holborn, Farringdon, Marylebone, and the City. This exemption was introduced by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to encourage the adoption of cleaner vehicles, a move that successfully persuaded thousands of motorists to switch from traditional fuel-powered cars to EVs.

TfL’s new policy could affect up to 100,000 electric car owners in London. The organisation argues that applying the congestion charge to all vehicles will help improve traffic flow in central London. A TfL spokesperson explained, “Ending the Cleaner Vehicle Discount from 25 December 2025 will maintain the effectiveness of the Congestion Charge, which is in place to manage traffic and congestion in the heart of London.”

The decision has been met with criticism. The AA described the policy change as “a turkey bone in the throat for EV owners who heeded the call to switch to green vehicles and improve air quality in the capital.”

Despite the backlash, TfL remains committed to its eco-friendly policies, crediting the Low Emission and Ultra-Low Emission Zones for reducing the number of non-compliant vehicles on London roads by 70,000.

EV drivers still have 18 months to enjoy the current congestion zone discount. The congestion charge zone operates from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and from 12pm to 6pm on weekends.

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