Aston University and Fleet Evolution begin EV perception project

Aston University is working alongside Fleet Evolution to investigate drivers’ perceptions surrounding electric vehicles.

The research project, which will include fleets, businesses and electric vehicle owners, will look at the current perceptions around electrification in order to understand the views and opinions regarding EVs and charging infrastructure. It will also look to identify gaps in existing product ranges and charging networks.

The study will also examine current usage patterns of electric vehicle drivers and owners of conventionally powered vehicles, to see how many times a single journey over 150 miles is made.

It will also look at the likelihood of consumers choosing an electric car as their next vehicle, whilst determining the reasons why people may not opt for an electric vehicle, and how the planned ban of petrol and diesel car sales in 2030 will impact those decisions.

The report, which will be published next year, will also assess the running costs of a car, whilst comparing the costs of covering a 1,000 miles through home charging compared to ICE vehicles.

Andrew Leech, managing director of EV salary sacrifice and fleet management specialist Fleet Evolution, said: “There are still plenty of misconceptions around EVs, particularly the availability of charge points and the extent of the charging networks.

“We hope this study will highlights some of the misconceptions around EVs and help increase awareness and knowledge around the process of going electric, and we will be publishing the results to help that education process.”

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