Audi launches cheapest electric-SUV with all new Q4 E-tron models

Audi has revealed its brand-new Q4 E-tron models to the world, boasting an entry price of £41,000 and a range of 300 miles as it looks to ramp up the competition in the electric-SUV scene.

The Q4 models are Audi’s fourth line of electric vehicles, following in the footsteps of the E-tron, E-tron Sportback and the E-tron GT, but is the manufacturer’s first attempt at an all-electric SUV. 

Prices for the Q4 begin at £40,750 with advanced Sportback models costing up to as much as £65,070, making it a more premium option compared to the Volkswagen ID.4 or the Skoda Enyaq. This does mean that Audi’s Q4 models will not be eligible for any UK Government subsidies, however.

Sport, S line, Edition 1 and Vorsprung trim options will be available in the UK with a choice of two battery variants of 52 kWh net and 77 kWh net with 100kW and 125kW charging capacities. Audi says the battery variants and three drive configurations make certain models capable of driving ranges of up to 316 miles. 

The new electric Q4 is available to order in the UK from this month, with the Sportback not available to order until June.

Commenting on the unveiling of the new Q4, director of Audi UK, Andrew Doyle, said: “The compact SUV has long been the go-to model type for many drivers, so I’m delighted that we are now shoring up our already strong position in this vital segment with two new additions that are not only paragons of good design and space-efficient packaging, but also standard bearers for the wider integration of fully electrified drivetrains across our range.

“Combining attractive price points, impressive charging performance and the potential to travel in tranquil comfort for well over 300 emission-free miles between stops, the Q4 e-tron models make the case for switching to sustainable premium mobility more clear-cut than ever.”

First look

Audi Q4 models

The Q4 models are quintessentially Audi as a flowing body is accentuated with sharp creases throughout and short front overhangs giving it a more compact-look and feel. The rear of the vehicle is fitted with a full-width brake light bar and a steep rear window which completes a narrow design. 

Standing 1,613 millimetres high, with a length of 4,590 millimetres and a width of 1,865 millimetres, the Q4 e-tron is at the taller end of the electric compact-SUV spectrum but that size makes for an abundance of space on the inside, according to Audi.

A new optional head-up display uses augmented reality to project driver information seemingly onto the road, and the cockpit is complete with a 10.1” touch screen and a double-spoke design steering wheel with touch-sensitive operation.

The lack of a powertrain tunnel in the middle makes for more legroom claims Audi, and the Q4, which is targeted at families as most SUV’s are, offers up to 520 litres of storage space.

Director Andrew Doyle added: “Full electrification at Audi has so far been confined to the upper reaches of the range in our larger e-tron SUVs and e-tron GT grand tourers, so the launch of the Q4 e-tron into the core compact SUV segment will mark the point at which its influence really begins to radiate.

“The Q4 carries the now familiar e-tron SUV’s DNA as the world’s best-selling German premium BEV into the class, and this preview confirms some fundamentally outstanding qualities that begin to paint a picture of a car that has every chance of decisively building on that success.”

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