Almost half of fleets are not using public electric vehicle charging

A new survey has found that almost half of fleets are not making the most of the UK’s electric vehicle charging network.

The research, produced for Paua by 360 Media Group Ltd and powered by instant PR, consisted of a survey of 200 fleet managers and revealed that over 70% of car fleets and 76% of van fleets are intending to order electric vehicles during 2022.

Currently, just over half of fleets surveyed claim that they use public charging, but 85% agreed they would use public charging if there was a single solution to access multiple chargepoints with one single bill.

The 200 fleet managers questioned are responsible for around 12,000 vehicles and nearly 70% of the respondents said they are the ultimate decision makers for the fleets.

Niall Riddell, CEO and co-founder of public charging firm Paua, said: “What is incredible about this response is the missed opportunity that public charging networks are facing due to the complexity that fleets face accessing and using the solution.

“Paua’s electric fuel card solution seeks to overcome these challenges enabling fleets easier access to public charging.”

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