AEHRA reveals exterior design of new, fully-electric sedan

Premium electric car manufacturer AEHRA has revealed the exterior design of its second model, a fully-electric sedan.

Presented to the international media at the Milano Monza Motor Show today, the AEHRA Sedan follows swiftly on from the brand’s first model, an SUV presented late last year.

Based on the same highly flexible ultra-advanced EV platform as the AEHRA SUV, the AEHRA Sedan shares the same design language and body surface treatment as the SUV.

Combined with a bespoke battery solution developed in partnership with Miba Battery Systems, the AEHRA Sedan and SUV are designed and engineered to deliver optimum efficiency and target an 800km driving range.

“With the AEHRA Sedan, we have had the boldness to go even further and fully exploit the exceptional design freedom born out of our founder Hazim Nada’s philosophy and vision, and AEHRA’s ground-breaking use of only the most advanced technologies that the global automotive and aeronautic industries have to offer,” explains Filippo Perini, AEHRA Head of Design.

“The design of the AEHRA Sedan is inspired by numerous sources. In Italy, it is often said we exist in a living museum. The influence of art and architecture is all around us, and beauty is all around us. A beauty that stems from purity of expression and aesthetic functionality.”

“For centuries, Italian architects, artists and designers have been inspired by the pursuit of the perfection of proportion. That passion and discipline are evident in every line and detail of the AEHRA Sedan. Adhering to AEHRA’s doctrine that form must always follow function; the Sedan is the anthesis to baroque design culture. Devoid of unnecessary adornments, yet alive with emotion, the AEHRA Sedan represents a new standard of natural beauty for zero-emission ultra-premium mobility.”

“The debut of the AEHRA Sedan, just eight months after we revealed our first SUV model and the recent announcement of our partnership with Miba Battery Systems, confirms that AEHRA remains firmly on track in its strategic mission to deliver a step-change in the design, customer, and ownership experience of ultra-premium electric vehicles,” commented AEHRA Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hazim Nada.

“The first customer deliveries of the AEHRA Sedan and AEHRA SUV will commence by 2026. And when the final production variants take to the road, they will look virtually identical to the models we have revealed, ensuring no compromise on our promise to combine an extraordinary driving and ownership experience with exceptional design and technology.”

With substantial private funding in place, AEHRA has established a clear roadmap to deliver its unique, transformative business model. A strategic model roll out is planned for key markets in 2026, including North America and Europe, with China and the Gulf States to follow.

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