Meet the UK’s cheapest electric car, the ARK Zero!

ARK has revealed its inaugural vehicle, the ARK Zero, which is set to become the UK’s most affordable EV, priced at just £5,995.

ARK, the United Kingdom’s first all-electric car company, has unveiled the groundbreaking ARK Zero. Priced at just £5,995, the ARK Zero sets a new standard as the country’s most affordable electric vehicle.
Diverging from established manufacturers, ARK is exclusively focused on producing purely electric vehicles, starting with ARK Zero. A remarkable achievement in both affordability and innovation, the ARK Zero is set to drive forward the UK’s transition to a cleaner and greener transportation system.
“At ARK, we are committed to creating The Future of Urban Mobility that is smarter, smoother, and greener,” said Yilmaz Bora, Founder and CEO of ARK. “By eliminating fossil fuel reliance and embracing electric vehicles like the ARK Zero, we can foster positive change in our communities and protect our planet for future generations.”
Bora added, “I want to thank our business partners, government agencies, and dedicated employees for their unwavering support, which has helped us swiftly establish itself in the electric vehicle market and provide innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers.”
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