Revealed: Research suggests new EV could save couriers £5.5k per year, with those working in clean air zones saving and additional £1.5k with zero emissions

As the Ford Fiesta has ceased a production, a new courier van has been launched that is fully electric and looks set to deliver savings to couriers of over £5,000 annually, when compared to the leading diesel alternative – the Ford Fiesta van.

Those operating in congestion charge/clean air zones, could benefit from an additional £1,500 saving in charges with the government’s 2030 deadline on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

The research, undertaken by EV conversion specialists, Vic Young compared the industry-leading Ford Fiesta van with the new fully electric Zoe that they have created in partnership with Renault, in an aim to reduce emissions and costs for the courier and delivery industry, with a viable alternative with good range.

The first point of difference was cost, with the Renault Zoe priced at almost £4.5k cheaper than the equivalent Fiesta from the same year (2020). Vic Young then compared the average MPG of the Fiesta from recent WhatCar real world testing with the ‘real world range’ (RWR) of the Zoe at full charge (195 miles) to establish an average cost per mile would be for both. The Renault Zoe came in at 7p per mile, whereas the Fiesta was almost double at 12p per mile.

Using data from the Department for Transport’s latest van and logistics figures, the average mileage for those operating for the delivery of products and goods was 21,200 per year. Based on a 47-week working year, and an assumed 5 days of working per week on average, the average daily mileage came in at just over 90 miles.

When comparing these figures, the Renault Zoe came in cheaper in every single category when compared to the diesel-emitting Fiesta, showing that not only was the Zoe nearly £10 per day cheaper to deliver, but would not exceed the ‘real world range’ of the Zoe’s battery of 195 miles. A breakdown can be seen below:

Van stats – Cost to courier

Renault Zoe Ford Fiesta Van Difference
Purchase cost (2020 models) £17,950.00 £22,397.00 £4,447.00
Cost per mile £0.07 £0.12 £0.05
CPM for Zoe’s RWR of 195 mls £13.65 £23.40 £9.75
Cost per day to deliver (based on AVG) £6.30 £10.80 £4.50
Annual running cost £1,484.00 £2,544.00 £1,060.00

With emissions a key target area for the Government, the data also showed that those operating within congestion charge/clean air zones would benefit further with an average saving close to £1,500 in charges that wouldn’t need to be paid for the exemption of an EV.

Vic Young, MD of Vic Young Motor Group, made the following comments: “The pressure to cut emissions within the transport sector is huge, but that is all dependent on having the right options for those working day in, day out, ensuring that people’s orders and goods are delivered. With the popular Ford Fiesta ceasing production, we had the opportunity with Renault to use our skills in conversions to present a viable and more economical alternative as we get closer and closer to the government’s 2030 deadline on the sale petrol and diesel vehicles.”

They continued: “With the fleet of Zoes we have converted so far, we’re showing that the limitations in range of EVs is reducing quickly, especially when comparing the average daily distances for delivering goods and the range of the Zoe courier van. We’re really proud of this partnership and the environmental impact  and financial benefits when costs are increasing and emissions pressure mounting”

More information on the new Zoe Courier and the cost savings can be found here – https://www.vicyoung.co.uk/fleet/renault-zoe-ev-courier-van/

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