Zest provides EV charging facilities for luxury apartments in Surrey

UK electric vehicle charging brand Zest has invested in EV charging facilities for residents of the Banstead Wood Development in Surrey.

The Banstead Wood Development is a former stately home and hospital site, consisting of more than 100 luxury apartments set in 27 acres of ancient woodland, once thought to have belonged to Ann Boleyn.

Residents and visitors to the estate and those working there will benefit from the new charge points, for which Zest will provide long-term management and maintenance.

Author and TV presenter Debbie Flint, Director of the Banstead Wood Development, said: “It’s exciting for us to see EV chargers here at Banstead Wood. Our new EV installation is neat, complies with all requirements in our specialist development, and the residents are very pleased with it. From start to finish, Zest have been a delight to work with, and the installation team have been nothing but excellent, holding our hands and explaining things in clear terms, every step of the way.”

“People are re-evaluating every part of the built environment based on the quality and abundance of its EV infrastructure,” said Zest CEO, Robin Heap. “Our solution is a natural fit for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) because it takes away all the costs and risks, provides a reliable service for residents, and increases the overall value of the development.”

Zest selected expert electrical contractors Utility Line to install the charge points.

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