Polestar launches new Europe-wide charging service

Polestar has launched a new all-in-one charging service for Europe covering 650,000 devices including Tesla Superchargers.

The Swedish performance brand and its partner Plugsurfing are launching the new Polestar Charge service ahead of the launch of the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 in coming months.

Since 2020, Polestar 2 drivers in Europe have had access to public chargers within the Plugsurfing network, and special discounts on pricing. The extended service gives Polestar drivers access to more than 650,000 compatible charging points from a range of providers including Ionity, Recharge, Total, Fastned and Allego using a single payment system.

Polestar is also the first manufacturer in Europe to integrate the Tesla Supercharger network in its own charging app, giving access to the growing number of Superchargers open to non-Tesla drivers.

As well as reducing the need for multiple charging cards or subscriptions, Polestar Charge works with EV optimisation within Google Maps, which helps plan optimal charging stops along a route and activates a battery pre-conditioning function to help achieve the fastest possible charging speeds.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO said: “We know an important part of owning an electric car is being able to charge conveniently. With access to the largest networks in Europe and smart integration in Google Maps, we have made it easy for Polestar drivers to enjoy life with an electric car rather than worrying about where they will find their next charge.”

Polestar Charge is available free to customers in 14 European countries, including the UK while a paid-for version of the service unlocks a 30% discount at more than 28,000 charging points.

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Matt Allan

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