Peugeot reveals top UK Christmas markets for EV drivers

The UK’s best Christmas markets for electric vehicle drivers have been revealed in a new study conducted by Peugeot UK.

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market was found to be the most accessible, offering the best balance of charging options according to the research.

With Christmas market stalls opening across the country, a study by Peugeot UK has revealed which are most suitable for electric vehicle drivers. The research found that Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market topped the rankings, while Edinburgh’s Christmas Market came in second place, and York’s Christmas Market placed third.

Using research from TimeOut of the best Christmas markets in the UK for ‘magical festive shopping’, Peugeot first compared how many of the markets could be driven to using the 251-mile (WLTP) range of the new Peugeot E-2008 from the UK’s 15 most populated cities. The research* also ranked how many public charging points were within a five-mile radius of the Christmas Market, as well as the charging speeds available, while accommodation options that offered electric car charging were also scored.

All of the Christmas markets, apart from Edinburgh’s Christmas Market, were accessible from at least twelve of the UK’s most populated cities. York’s Christmas Market was found to be the most accessible with fourteen of the fifteen most populated cities in the UK drivable with the 251-mile range of the new E-2008.

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market had the highest number of charging stations within a five-mile radius of the city centre, with 154 available, including 66 DC rapid chargers with speeds above 50kW. Using a 100kW DC rapid charger, the new E-2008 can charge from 20-80% in under 30 minutes.

Edinburgh’s Christmas Market was home to the second-highest number of charging stations with 104 available, including 31 DC rapid chargers according to Zapmap. Edinburgh can be reached from six of the UK’s most populated cities using the 251-mile range of the new Peugeot E-2008.

Peugeot’s research also considered the number of accommodation options within five miles of the city centre which offer charging for EV drivers, such as hotels and B&Bs, with York and Birmingham topping the tables, both offering 15 different accommodation options with electric vehicle chargers.

Adam Wood, Managing Director, Peugeot UK, said: “Christmas markets are popular attractions to visit during the run-up to Christmas and our research shows the markets and cities in the UK that can best accommodate Peugeot’s electric vehicle customers, as well as other EV motorists. With over a million EVs on UK roads, charging infrastructure will play a significant role in where electric vehicle drivers choose to visit this festive period.”

Top UK Christmas Markets for electric car drivers*  Ranking Total charge points Rapid chargers
Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market (B1 1BD) 1st 154 66
Edinburgh Christmas Market (EH2 2DG) 2nd 104 31
York Christmas Market (YO1 8RL) 3rd 45 11
Winter Wonderland Nottingham (NG1 2HU) 4th 32 25
Cardiff Christmas Market (CF10 1GN) 4th 61 18
Stratford-upon-Avon Victorian Christmas Market (CV37 6AU) 5th 21 18
Winchester Cathedral’s Christmas Market (SO23 9LS) 5th 54 5
Bath Christmas market (BA1 1QE) 6th 24 8
Christmas at Blenheim Palace (OX20 1UL) 7th 20 5

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