Kia forms part of €700 million investment in Ionity charging network

Kia has teamed up with Ionity’s other investors to raise €700 million to expand its network of EV charging points across the continent.

Ionity, one of Europe’s leading EV networks, currently operates more than 400 ultra-fast charging stations featuring 1,500 charging points along European motorways in 24 countries. However, this latest additional investment will increase the number of charging stations across Europe to 1,000 with the total number of charging points jumping up to around 7,000 by 2025.

The new charging points will be located along important trunk roads and near major cities, as well as existing charging sites located in areas that have high traffic levels.

As part of the network expansion, Ionity will also look to acquire more of its own properties, and depending on the location, build and operate its own service stations. The company recently unveiled ‘Oasis’; a concept designed to showcase what the charging experience of the future could look like. The model featured charging stations that are covered from the weather elements and charging parks located alongside cafés, restaurants, and shops.

Jason Jeong, president at Kia Europe, commented: “As we look towards the phasing out of new IC engine vehicles over the next ten years, it is essential that drivers have access to an expansive and reliable fast-charging infrastructure.

“Our further investment in Ionity will see a significant expansion of ultra-fast chargers across Europe that will support our vehicles’ high voltage capabilities. As a result, more drivers than ever will be able to charge their vehicles quickly and easily for a seamless EV experience.”

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