InstaVolt submits plans for London’s largest ultra-rapid charging hub

InstaVolt has submitted plans to build the UK’s largest fully open hub of ultra-rapid chargers inside the M25 at Syon Park in Brentford.

Easily accessible from the A4 and M4, the Syon Park Estate is situated along a key commuter route, meaning that InstaVolt’s new hub will provide rapid charging for routes into and out of London. InstaVolt operates an open charger model, allowing any EV owner to use the charging points on a pay-as-you-go basis.

With congestion zones, low emission zones and ULEZ expanding to cover nearly all of Greater London within the circumference of the M25, the new hub is the latest in a string of announcements by InstaVolt, demonstrating the company’s commitment to ensuring that charging infrastructure keeps up with demand.

Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt said: “The location of Syon Park is pivotal to engaging those who live on the commuter belt and providing them with an option to charge at a site where they themselves can switch off and recharge. Being able to launch a large hub with reliable charging and access to amenities Syon Park offers, is key to encouraging a change of sentiment when it comes to charging in the UK. We want EV drivers to see charging as an opportunity to rest, take in nature, or stop for a bite to eat.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Syon Park on this project to fulfil our commitment to a greener future and instil confidence in drivers making the switch to EV.”

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