Humax enters UK EV charging market with launch of ECORD Home Charger

Tech giant Humax has launched its first home charging device in the UK.

The firm, best-known for its digital TV recorders and smart home devices, has a long history in the automotive sector and is expanding its operations into Europe for the first time.

The UK is the first country in Europe to get the ECORD smart home charger, priced from £599 before installation.

The ECORD offers a simple connection and setup service via QR code or app and users can start and stop charging using a dedicated RFID card, plug and play or via the app. The charger and app support scheduled timing to take advantage of lower time-of-day tariffs and support multiple user profiles. The app can also learn the driver’s usage patterns and track their charging history, allowing them to share usage history and be notified when the charge point is ready.

The Humax ECORD is also solar compatible, allowing excess solar energy from home PV systems to charge the owner’s vehicle. ‘Solar’ mode allows owners to charge only from electricity generated from their PV panels, while ‘Solar and Grid’ mode enables users to make the most of any solar energy, while topping up from the grid to ensure the vehicle is fully charged when needed.

All versions of the ECORD come with a tethered Type 2 cable. Prices start at £599 for the 4m version and £649 for the 7m version, before the OZEV grant (where applicable). Humax says the ECORD will be installed and supported by a dedicated partner, to be named shortly.

Jeff Kim, president of Humax, commented, “Humax is recognised for its manufacturing heritage, its reliability and strong customer service across a wide range of sectors from TV devices to mobility solutions. The ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger is the first model in our EV charging series, confirming our commitment to sustainability and the smart home ecosystem.”

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Matt Allan

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