Fastned installs 1,500th fast charger in Europe

Fastned, the European fast charging company, has installed its 1,500th fast charger near Rouen, France.

The new charger has been installed ahead of the summer holidays, at a well-known point on one of the most popular routes for holidaymakers traveling via or to France.

Last year, the number of chargers across the Fastned network grew by over 50 percent. Holidaymakers driving an electric car this year can now access more than 270 Fastned fast charging stations across Europe.

Almost all chargers at Fastned’s newly built stations in the past year have a charging capacity of 300 kW or more. Depending on the type of vehicle, this allows recharging of up to 300 miles in just 20 minutes.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO and co-founder of Fastned, said: “In 2012, we started Fastned with the mission to give electric drivers the freedom to drive wherever they want. This requires sufficient charging infrastructure, which we have worked very hard to provide over the past decade.”

“We are now at the point where holidaymakers can easily travel around Europe with an electric vehicle. Even with a caravan or trailer, our drive-through stations enable drivers to easily charge without having to disconnect their trailer.”

Since last summer, Fastned has opened more than 60 stations in Europe and added more than 560 chargers across the network. Langezaal added: “We always choose high-traffic locations. And that pays off. In France, for example, we opened 24 new stations in the past year, providing more than 50,000 charging sessions to date. This has resulted in more than eight million fuel-free kilometers. And I am proud of that. We will continue to expand our network and build many new stations with the fastest chargers in busy European locations in the coming year.”

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