ENSO opens tyre fitting store for London electric taxi drivers

ENSO has opened a tyre pop-up store at the EV Service Hub in Tottenham, to launch its new double-A rated specialist EV tyres.

ENSO’s EV tyres are designed to offer LEVC TX drivers more EV range at competitive prices, whilst also reducing tyre pollution. The A-rated ENSO tyres outperform standard fit tyres for most taxis, with the double-A label being the highest grade set out by European tyre label regulations, meaning that the tyres attained a top ‘A’ grade in both energy efficiency (rolling resistance) and wet grip (safety).

The EV tyres are engineered specifically for urban EV use cases, such as the LEVC TX electric taxi, where there is a high demand for efficiency and durability from drivers who depend on their vehicles for their livelihood. ENSO offers cab drivers best-in-class tyres, with the potential to extend the range of their electric taxi by as much as 10 per cent. ENSO tyres are also proven to significantly reduce tyre wear and associated tyre pollution and improve the ride and handling, with better grip and reduced noise – all at a lower price than standard fit or replacement tyres.

G Erlendsson, CEO of ENSO said: “ENSO is the only tyre company in the world wants to sell fewer, high-quality, tyres to break the cycle of false economy created by the current high-volume low-cost, low-quality industry model. Cabbies who take up ENSO’s launch offer at the EV Service Hub in London over the coming weeks will not only be doing their bit to help reduce the environmental impact of tyres, they will also be part of disrupting the tyre industry as ENSO’s tyres are sold direct-to-consumer, meaning that that there’s no additional costs for third-party distribution.”

The new tyres are targeted at the London electric taxi market, and taxi drivers can now book a one-hour fitting slot with an expert ENSO tyre fitter via and sign up for a set of four new EV tyres for the price of three, at £299 including fitting and VAT.

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