DS Automobiles to become a fully electric brand from 2024 onwards

DS Automobiles is ramping up its electrification strategy by planning to become a fully electric car brand by 2024.

An electrified variant of each model in the DS Automobiles range has been available since 2019, and now the manufacturer has committed to ensuring every new model comes with a 100% electric powertrain by 2024.

By the same deadline, DS Automobiles will also release a fully electric version of the all-new DS 4. The manufacturer will also unveil a new design, launching a 100% electric programme from Stellantis based on the new STLA Medium platform. According to DS, the model will be fitted with a high-capacity battery with up to 104kWh for a range of more than 400 miles.

Beyond this development of power units, DS Automobiles says it is also working on reducing the carbon footprint of its vehicle production as part of the approach undertaken by Stellantis. It adds that more research is continuing as part of an involvement in energy transition through the development of innovative materials.

Béatrice Foucher, CEO of DS Automobiles, said: “The car industry is experiencing a change whose breadth and speed are unprecedented. As a pioneer, DS Automobiles has anticipated this move, with electrification at the centre of its strategy. The next developments in legislation and the EV ecosystem provide opportunities that we want to offer to our customers who already like our electrified range.

“I took the decision to speed up the development to create a new 100% electric art of travel, desirable in terms of enjoyment and remarkable in terms of quality and performance; a new art of travel, steadfastly high tech and still just as refined. It is a daring plan that will take shape from 2024.”

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